About Us

Addoilmusic is the first Social Enterprise in Hong Kong that promotes playing and making music together. We provide innovative music services to corporates, NGOs, schools and the public, which give us the resources to develop the potential of talented young musicians and give them job opportunities in music education and production.

Found in 2013 by professional musician Bryan Yeung Chun Pong and registered social worker Kitty Yip Choi Ha, Addoilmusic was established with the belief “Everybody can play music, Music Connects Everyone”. Since then we have already trained and employed over 30 part-time professional musicians and tutors, and have been working with over 40 schools, NGOs and corporates successfully. Addoilmusic has served over 20,000 children, young people, adults and elderlies, enhancing their self-confidence, empathy and team spirit, to let them experience the feeling from being “Impossible to possible”.

Addoilmusic offers a wide range of services from professional music production, publishing, live show management to education and corporate training, specializing in using music for cross-sectors collaboration to create innovative programmes, including our highly successful training “Speed Jam” and “Dare to Write and Sing Songwriting Contest”. In recent years, our company has been actively participating in music and life education as well, with great results.

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Our Founders

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Yeung Chun Pong, Bryan
Mr. Bryan Yeung is an award-winning music composer, arranger and producer in Hong Kong. He has published a lot of pop songs including hit songs for Leo Ku (Belated Love). With over 15 years of experience in music production, he has written music for films, TV, corporate videos, commercials and concerts.

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Yip Choi Ha, Kitty
Ms. Kitty Yip is a registered social worker, with over 15 years of experience in social services for children and youth development, innovative services design, poverty alleviation and building corporate volunteer teams. She has worked in various NGOs including: The Hong Kong Council of Social Service, Po Leung Kuk, Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service, and The Hong Kong Society for the Blind.

Our Awards and Recognition

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