Songwriting Contest

Dare to Write and Sing Songwritng Contest is one of the major activities organized by Addoilmusic, with the aim to spot songwriting talents and nurture them, and to provide them with opportunities and resources to show their works. Since 2017, we have organized 4 contests and they were hugely popular, attracting over 800 participants, 300,000 online audience and near 20 supporting organizations, with winners' songs entering pop chart in RTHK.

Champion will be awarded with a free MV production, and all three winners will have their songs professionally arranged, recorded and produced in our facilities as their prizes. Their songs will then be promoted to the public via YouTube videos, streaming platforms and radio. Also, they will be invited to perform their songs in various venues to build their exposure.

In addition, we will sign potential songwriters if they have the talents and passion to enter the music industry, to further advance their career.

Some of our previous winners include:
Jaime Cheung - Independent singer-songwriter and Addoilmusic songwriter
詩詞 - Lyricist of major hit "我們都是這樣長大的"
Tomy Ho - Independent singer-songwriter, composer and arranger
Tse Tsz Ching - Addoilmusic songwriter

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Previous winners' songs: