Speed Jam

Jamming music with other people isn't just an activity restricted to the minority. By meticulously rearranging contemporary pop songs and making use of their simplicity and looping elements, Speed Jam lets people without musical background learn to play a musical instrument in a song, while fitting each others' parts and enjoying the fun of jamming music together.
Speed Jam is suitable for corporate training, experiential learning and parent-child activities. The advantages include:

Team Building
-Enhance self-confidence, experience the feeling from being impossible to possible
-Enhance team spirit and interpersonal relationships
-Playing music with people is much more joyful than playing alone

Music Education
-2 to 4 hours training, experience the process of learning a musical instrument
-Find the instrument that you love, and learn more deeply in the future
-Understand more about music, arrangement and instrument characteristics through playing a song

We have professional musicians to arrange music and teach how to play the instruments. Our team also includes professional social worker and trainer for the design of team training materials. We will make the most suitable arrangement for participants based on their musical interest and capabilities.

$450 up for each participant

Enquiries & Booking
Please contact us at 3460 4128 or email to

Have a look of the Speed Jam Trailer for more details:
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