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Yoona Cheung Wan Yi

Yoona Cheung, a University of Hong Kong social work graduate, made waves in the music industry by securing the runner-up spot at the "4th Annual Addoilmusic Dare to Write and Sing Songwriting Contest" in 2021. Signed as a songwriter with Addoilmusic, she has collaborated on songs like "Farewell to Gaslighting" with Gin Lee. Yoona's soothing vocals and heartfelt songs aim to inspire and heal, marking her as a promising voice in contemporary music.

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Bryan Yeung
Composer, arranger, producer
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Jaime Cheung
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Yoona Cheung
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Tse Tsz Ching
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Elden Kwok

Addoilmusic Publishing develops the potential of talented composers, lyricists and singer songwriters, and provides them with opportunities in songwriting careers, handling the publishing rights and contracts of their compositions.

Our main goal is to collect musical works with potentials, and raise the standard of melody and lyrics, thereby creating songs with higher quality. We will use our connections in the industry and pitch the works to record companies in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Our founder Yeung Chun Pong, an award-winning music composer, has been writing and arranging songs for various renowned singers and record companies in Hong Kong and China. The artists he has worked with include Leo Ku, Aaron Kwok, Janice, Pakho Chau, Gin Lee, JW, Kelly Chen, Vincy Chan, Gillian Chung, Bibi Chou, Atsushi, Dylan Wang, Zanilia Zhao, etc.

With years of experience in the business, we can generate greater opportunities of development for songwriters with potential. We have already developed several talented songwriters in the past few years, including Jaime Cheung, Yoona Cheung, Tomy Ho, Tse Tsz Ching, etc.

If you would like to pursue a career in songwriting and join our team, please submit your works to us.

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