Music Instruments Donation

In Hong Kong, there are thousands of deprived children who love music but dare not let their parents know, because learning musical instrument is a luxurious dream for them.

Addoilmusic believes "Everybody Can Play Music. Music Connects Everyone".

Our Co-founder and social worker Kitty, who has been working for many different deprived children and young people, found that there are many deprived children with music dreams don't dare to ask their parents to let them learn music or buy musical instruments, due to their family's financial situation.

Therefore, we first initiated this Crowdfunding project in 2014, in order to create an opportunity for Hong Kong deprived children to taste the joy of playing music, enhance their basic musical knowledge and skills, and possess their own musical instruments, delivering the important message - "Playing music shouldn't be a luxurious activity. Everyone has the right to play music".

We have successfully crowd-funded this meaningful programme several times later on, collecting 2nd-hand musical instruments like ukulele, guitar and violin, and it has benefited over 100 children. Besides instruments donation, we will invite the donors to meet the children to show their support, and basic music classes will be organised to let the children learn how to play. We hope this can let deprived children have the same opportunity to enjoy learning music, have their own instruments and use music to express themselves.

Since 2021, we have established a non-profit organization Addoil Education to focus on charity projects, and new music instruments donation campaign will be kicked start soon. Stay tuned!

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